Subjective and Psychological Wellness

My wellness coaching philosophy is a strength-based approach derived from the field of positive psychology, more specifically, areas of study:

  1. Subjective Wellness & Psychological Wellness: Subjective wellness refers to the evaluation of one’s life. High levels of SW are experienced when you feel more pleasant and less unpleasant emotions, are more engaged in interesting activities and goal pursuits, experience more pleasures and less pains, and are generally satisfied with life. The term subjective wellness is also often referred to as “happiness.”
  1. Subjective Wellness: focuses on the pursuit of happiness and the good life, while psychological wellness focuses on the fulfillment of human potential and a meaningful life. Psychological Wellness: is about thriving while facing life challenges and obstacles, pursuing meaningful goals, growing and developing as a unique human being, and establishing meaningful relationships with others.

There are areas that I explore as it pertains to psychological wellness:

1) a sense of self-determination (autonomy)
2) the capacity to manage one’s life and the surrounding world effectively (personal growth)
3) a sense of continued growth as a person (environmental mastery)
4) positive evaluation of one’ past (self-acceptance)
5) quality relationships with others (positive relations with others)
6) the belief that one’s life is purposeful and meaningful (purpose in life)

  • Combined with the foundational areas of study that I utilize (SW & PW) is a 3rd piece to my coaching methodology which is:
  • Examining the essential elements of human functioning, consisting of:  1) life domains 2) emotions 3) values 4) weaknesses 5) strengths 6) current life events 7) social relationships 8) aspirations & goal pursuits; these essential elements are explored through the attention, thoughts, motivation and actions of the client aka the person pursuing their goals and dreams!
  • My coaching philosophy is fueled by knowing that motivation and proper goal setting are at the heart of positive change, realizing our potential, and making full use of these interrelated concepts.
  • My core goal and promise to you: as a wellness coach is to put 100% effort into helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may consist of. I remind myself of an asset that we all possess, this is time. It is an asset; an uncertain one in its known duration. For this reason, I stress goal-directed habits involving consistency, commitment, desire, priorities, and concrete behavior. It is with the concept of time in mind that we prioritize, reflect, strategize and create a plan for a life filled with small wins, big wins, lots of laughs, smiles, celebrations, accomplishments, fulfilling relationships established and maintained and purposes and dreams realized.

About the “Permanent Vitality” acronym and the goal of this website: 

  • Throughout the coaching relationship I will utilize: or more aptly stated, you will learn and utilize this acronym as it applies to facilitating a growth mindset in combination with the other  essential ingredients to my coach approach. The purpose of this website is primarily to provide an insightful framework into my coaching philosophy and to spark your interest in the “permanent vitality” philosophy.
  • Permanent Vitality Principles: Positive Emotion, Enjoyment, Relationships, Meaning, Autonomy, Novelty, Engagement, Needs, and Time
  • Remember: the acronym G.A.S. (Goal Achievement Simplification) because this is an advantage of my style of coaching; it is a method that asks the question, “How can I most effectively and efficiently achieve what I want and need in the most time efficient manner?” My wellness coaching approach is very unique because of my utilization of several easy-to-understand acronyms and some insightful metaphors, this is with the learning concept of “chunking” in mind.
  • I have the “Gas” to keep you from getting stuck in the M.U.D.: My G.A.S. method focuses on keeping your wellness wheel in balance, keeping you moving forward to your chosen destinations (the land of goal achievement and success).
  • I offer you an interesting: simplified coach approach through a “growth mindset lens” which allows you to choose positive pathways for success.
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What is my biggest strength as a wellness coach?

  • I am creatively resourceful. I own approx. 550 books, most of which are psychology leaning, growth-oriented readings. I possess a curiosity and interest to learn and expand my knowledge base every day. I have had a passion for the fields of positive psychology, sport psychology and philosophy my entire life. I draw from these fields to incorporate a holistic approach to helping people reach their goals and realize their dreams.
  • Experience: Years in the personal training & health coaching field, lifelong passion for the field of psychology.

Perhaps a center piece of my coaching philosophy is the following quote:

  • “Have an understanding so there won’t be a misunderstanding.” – Charles Blair
  • Being “crystal clear”: on the why, what, where, when, and the how of the necessary steps you need to take is essential for reaching the heights you seek, which are heights that represent your best possible self and life lived.
  • Importantly noted: I make effective communication a priority so you do not get suck in the metaphorical “M.U.D.,” misunderstanding, uncertainty, and doubt. Remember, misunderstandings lead to indecision, which equals uncertainty and doubt. It is very difficult to make it to our desired places of interest, our destinations (our goals) if we are misunderstood, uncertain and doubtful as to the direction or necessary steps we need to take, right now, today, and tomorrow.

Who benefits from my wellness coaching services? 

  • Individuals and teams: people with a fitness/sports related goal of excelling in their chosen field. People interested in obtaining those “peak experiences” derived from accomplishments in fitness and sports competitions. I have a history of competing in bodybuilding, so I know and can relate to what it means to have competitive aspirations.
  • People seeking to improve their skills in any of their various life/wellness domains: perhaps sports, exercise, relationships with others, finding work/life balance, reducing negative thinking, improving sleep, improving communication skills, and those seeking a greater sense of control of their thoughts, behavior, goals, and happiness.
  • Would you rate the quality of your everyday life a 10, during the past six months, year, projections going forward? After seriously contemplating this thought-provoking question, if your answer is less than a 10, then you would benefit from my permanent vitality program.

My core duties to you:

  • I will assist you in achieving your aspirations by highlighting possibilities and potential obstacles
  • I will shed (new) light on current circumstances
  • I will help you increase awareness of current values, goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • I will be a valuable asset to when you face challenges, obstacles, setbacks, and overall stressful life circumstances.
  • I will not determine which goals and values you should have because autonomy is a foundational piece to wellness coaching.

Keep in Mind: Striving to thrive by adopting a growth mindset is specifically accomplished though the utilization of the permanent vitality philosophy. Kirby’s Wellness coaching provides you with a fun learning opportunity to sail your ship successfully to your goal destinations (the land of permanent vitality).

Are you ready for your unique, personalized journey to the “land of permanent vitality?”